SaaS Management is now a must-have, not a choice, for modern MSPs. Shockingly, almost one in every two MSPs are receiving SaaS Management requests from clients in 2022, but few are equipped to deal with it. SaaS makes up 70% of the total company software use, of which 25% of these subscriptions are shelfware and 40% of applications are shadow IT. However, for many MSPs, visibility into these applications, costs, and risks are non-existent. We’ve analyzed years of data from our Auvik SaaS Management software, aggregated input from leading analysts, surveyed your peers who are using our solution, and have prepared valuable insights for the community. Our goal of this session is simple: reveal urgent issues and share expert tips to tackle shadow IT for your clients. This isn’t just about SaaS management anymore; it’s about preventing potential client disasters.