3:05 PM

August 13

A Simple, Scalable, vCSO Offering That Grows Your MSP’s Profit While Reducing Liability


I know. You don’t have time for shiny penny bullsh%t or marketing gimmicks; we have a solution that works (and the data to back it up). If you're tired of chasing tickets, dealing with client headaches, or worried about economic uncertainty, this is a talk you won't want to miss.

We're talking about a vCSO solution that you can scale, a solution your clients will buy. You can even use it to go up-market.

In this session, I will show you how to implement your vCSO offering and be recognized as the security leader you are. You already have the experience and knowledge you need, and are probably giving vCSO services away for FREE because you haven’t packaged them properly. I’ll give you a simple framework to get ready to start selling vCSO services, decreasing your liability and risk, and joining the next iteration of MSP cybersecurity at the forefront. Your big opportunity is now. If you don't seize it, someone else will. See you there!