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Nick Points
Director Sales

Alex Rogers
Founder and CEO

Kick Your Sales into High Gear

5 million.
Does that number ring a bell to you? No?

Well it should. There are currently five million people in the US who are directly involved in IT sales. That’s 4,999,999 potential competitors, give or take a few thousand who aren’t in your area or even in your country. But the point can still be made. What are you doing to give your business an edge?

Join IT Sales Veteran and CharTec CEO, Alex Rogers, and Director of Sales, Nick Points, for a half-day session on everything sales. From call scripts and first appointment bookings, to presentations and objections, CharTecs’s training workshop will provide you with the tools necessary to set your business apart. Through the tried, tested, and proven sales process, take your business to the next level and start increasing your sales, the fool-proof way.
If you’re headed to Datto Con, make this your first stop. Your business can’t afford to blend in. Stand out from the herd with CharTec!