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Marc Haskelson
President and CEO
Compliancy Group

Justify Your Advanced Security Services and Realize Higher MRR with Compliance-as-a-Solution

      • Increasing monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is essential to growing your business. But the methods and means of getting there should give MSPs a reliable business model, rather than a one-off fix. Compliance-as-a-Solution (CaaS) gives you the ability to create new lines of business, increase your MRR, and justify advanced security services. As data becomes increasingly digital across all industries, CaaS bundled alongside advanced security services will help you leverage your pre-existing relationships and find new and prospective accounts.
      • According to CompTIA, over 70% of an MSP's potential business is in regulated markets. Adding Compliance-as-a-Solution can help you capitalize on this growing trend. Hear a real-life case study about one of our MSP partners who decided to focus on health care--the fastest growing segment of the US economy with the most cyber-risk--to add 20 new accounts in 6 months. Compliance-as-a-Solution not only helps you add new accounts, but gives you a means of increasing cost-per-seat to realize maximum revenue on each account.
      • Find out how CaaS justifies advanced security services to help you realize higher MRR in this talk from the industry experts at Compliancy Group. Don't miss out!

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