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Brian Downey
Senior Director, Product Management

Jay Ryerse
CTO, Security Products

From checkbox to checkmate: Learn how to catapult your security business and be an MVP MSP

Your clients want and need better cybersecurity solutions, or so say 93% of them*.

Basic security packages of anti-virus and firewall solutions aren’t cutting it these days, and they aren’t protecting you from liability should your client get breached.

Join us for an interactive session with our team of security, MSP, marketing and business experts who will help you build an actionable set of steps to leverage through presentations and breakout sessions.

By attending this session, you will learn:

  • What makes up the current security landscape
  • How to package and price security alongside your existing solutions
  • How to effectively “walk and talk” security with your clients
  • Various successful go-to-market strategies
  • How to establish security business goals and get your practice off the ground today!

The numbers from our recent SMB security survey tell a cautionary tale for MSPs, namely 80% of SMBs are worried they will be a target of a cyber-attack, and *93% are willing to switch MSPs if another provider offered the “right” cyber security solution.

Put simply: if you’re a services provider, you not only need to be providing security, it needs to the “right” kind of security. Or you’re out!

If you’re interested in selling security, or selling it better, then this is the pre-day session you must attend to learn how to start generating revenue from security today!