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Join us for refreshments and learn how to meet and exceed today’s security and compliance requirements while eliminating firewalls and VPNs and enforcing Zero Trust networking

The rules have changed and the tools you are using to play the game are failing you.

They are actually making the problem worse, creating a wider attack surface and introducing new attack vectors. Properly connecting networks and remote users to ensure reliable performance while maintaining the highest levels of security is an enormous challenge today for MSPs, which is why we created ControlOne - the only MSP-focused network and security platform that eliminates traditional firewalls and VPNs, enforces zero trust and helps MSPs achieve compliance.

Join our pre-day event to learn how to leverage the ControlOne platform and harness the power of software-defined networking with fully-integrated security and compliance management. You’ll get an in-depth, behind the scenes look from Cytracom product leaders, solutions architects, sales engineers and executives.

What You’ll Learn:

- Identity-Based Networking Identity-based management is far more powerful than traditional management by devices, MAC addresses, VLANs and IP addresses. The ControlOne platform makes this intuitive and easy with software defined networking and a visual network builder.

- Device Posture Check Imagine the power of being able to enforce configurations for laptops and desktops, ensuring that RMM tools are running, making sure that hard drives are encrypted - even geo-fencing, all before the device is allowed on the network!

- Optimize Cloud Applications Seamlessly connect corporate and cloud networks in Azure, AWS, GCP and more. ControlOne’s scalable cloud architecture brings powerful connectivity to cloud applications, intuitively managed by a visual network builder.

- Compliance Management Governments and other entities are imposing compliance requirements on MSPs. ControlOne offers real-time protection to make sure MSP’s and their clients are not only compliant with regulations but also protected from the latest cyber threats.

- Pricing and Positioning ControlOne was built for MSPs and is exclusively available through our authorized partners. We’ll share the tools you need to meet business requirements while unlocking new revenue opportunities.

- Come learn how ControlOne enables you to accomplish all these things and more, while also generating new revenue! Refreshments will be provided.

- Special Offer! All pre-day attendees will receive 90 days FREE use of ControlOne."

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