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Kyle Hanslov

John Ferrell

Hacking Windows - Not Your Average Pre-Day

Hacking Windows is back and better than ever!

We’ve flipped the script on traditional vendor training and deliver 5hrs of hands-on hacking labs to better prepare IT staff against threats to their networks. Simply put: it’s hard to defend against attackers when you can’t compromise the systems yourself…

This course arms students with the skills to gain initial access, evade antivirus, establish a persistent foothold, and exfiltrate sensitive data. In each lab, students use common exploitation techniques to compromise victim VMs. With this knowledge, you’re better prepared to quickly identify and respond to Windows based attacks and breaches.

Skill Prerequisites

● Familiarity with Windows system administration and troubleshooting

● Some experience using the Windows or Linux command line interface

● A functional understanding of networking (IP addressing, ports, protocols)

● Understanding cybersecurity terminology (exploits, keyloggers, injection)

Hardware Requirements

You must come with a laptop preconfigured with VMware Workstation or Fusion and capable of simultaneously running two 64-bit virtual machines (40GB free disk space, 4GB free RAM, dual core CPU). While Hyper-V and VirtualBox *may* work, you’re risking your training experience since time for troubleshooting will be very limited. All software, VMs, and training material will be provided by the Huntress Team :)

*You MUST register ahead of time to attend. This is a paid-for event. Register at the site below for your special rate!