RMM Accelerator Bootcamp Level 1


The Datto RMM Accelerator Bootcamp is designed for participants with a foundational level of Datto RMM knowledge. Attendees should have worked with Datto RMM on a day-to-day basis for at least 90 days. By attending this live in-person training session, you will apply best practices in critical functionality such as agent deployment, monitoring (including ransomware detection), and patch management. In this live session, you can ask questions and learn how to apply key critical concepts. Remember to bring your laptop as you will be working alongside the instructor to apply what you are learning.

After attending this training session you will be able to:

  • Leverage automation with jobs to simplify scripts and application deployment.
  • Understand how Datto patch management and Windows update policies assist with centralized, granular control of patching at scale.
  • Utilize remote access tools to manage your clients’ endpoints and boost service delivery efficiency.
  • Leverage reporting to gain visibility of your estate and to increase and optimize upsell opportunities.