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Vince Tinnirello
Anchor Network Solutions

Service Delivery

This forum will focus on the operational and service delivery aspect of your business. Sessions will be moderated and as an attendee, you drive the topics and conversation. There is no specific agenda for these sessions. The content will derive from questions such as:

What tools are saving you and/or your team time on a daily basis?

Do you have a service desk coordinator? Who answers the phones and dispatches?

Is Project Management a focus or an afterthought?

What configuration is working best for your project management team?

What are you favorite 5 metrics for service desk? Projects? Client profitability?

How do you survey clients on project work?

What’s your internal escalation process?

Do you have some technicians do all reactive work and others proactive work?

Who manages your RMM tools and Datto dashboard for BCDR and networking?

What team members execute your client projects?

How do you structure contracts and services at a PSA level?

Does your service desk use pods/teams, or do they service all clients?

Are there workflow rules or automation techniques that drive your efficiency?