PSA Optimizer Bootcamp Level 2


The Autotask PSA Optimizer Bootcamp is designed for participants who have at least one year of applied knowledge in the PSA product. By attending this live in-person training session, you will be able to apply and deploy more technical functions in the product, such as contract renewals, contract profitability and compliance, and LiveReports. Remember to bring your laptop as you will be working alongside the instructor to apply what you are learning. You can work within your own site or a sandbox site Datto provides. As an interactive offering, students will be encouraged to ask and answer questions.

After attending this training session you will be able to:

  • Identify the key components that drive accurate contract and service profitability, such as burden rate and contract exclusions.
  • Identify how to streamline contract renewals through workflow rules and widgets.
  • Leverage automated product associations to verify contract compliance and accurate service profitability.
  • Create service profitability reports by leveraging LiveReports.