1:00 PM

September 11

Solutions Granted


Selling, Building, and Operationalizing your Security Stack

This Pre-day session will be a workshop led by Solution Granted's CEO, Michael Crean. During the 3 hours, we are going to break out into 3 sessions of 40 minutes each – starting at the top of each hour.

Our first session will discuss effectively selling and marketing cybersecurity, while growing your business through leveraging security. Joining Michael Crean for this session is Jennifer Bleam, the Cybersecurity Sherpa and Best Selling author of Simplified Cybersecurity Sales for MSPs.

The second session will be all about building an effective security stack for those from the ground up, or to those that are drowning in which way is up, or for organizations that see a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a train. Be on the lookout for a surprise guest!

Wrapping up the third and final session will be Michael Crean and his brother from another mother the infamous red-bearded Cory Clark, VP of Threat Operations for Solutions Granted. Focusing on operationalizing your security practice by diving into the people, process, and technology and how the combination of those resources will make the biggest difference.