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Matt Solomon
VP of Business Development
ID Agent

Dan Tomaszewski
Vice President, Channel Success & Training
ID Agent

This is No BullPhish! Learn about ID Agent’s New Phishing and Training Platform and Revolutionary White Glove Support

Presented by Matt Solomon, VP of Business Development, and Dan Tomaszewski, VP of Channel Success and Training ID Agent, the Channel’s leading Dark Web monitoring company, will reveal its brand-new Phishing and Security Awareness Training platform, BullPhish ID™. Included for a limited time at no additional charge (up to 500 users per domain) to Dark Web ID™ Partners, the platform will seamlessly deliver phishing simulations and video-based training and measurement to MSP customers. Hear about the game-changing Goal Assist advanced support service which includes hands-on assistance for MSP Partners in their direct interactions with their own customers. The enhanced support provides sales team training, prospect meeting support, subject matter experts for events, and much more.

Come hear real life success stories of how MSPs are transforming and growing their security practice! *Session Exclusive Giveaway: Free Goal Assist playbook “How to Grow Your MRR at Events”.