Kaseya Certified Administrator in Autotask


The Kaseya Certified Administrator (KCA) in Autotask introduces system administrators to best practices for deploying, configuring, and using Autotask PSA and provides the opportunity to become KCA Autotask certified at a testing center during the event. In this course, students will learn about the key functions of the product including Admin, CRM, Service Desk, Projects, Dashboards, and Reports. This live session provides the opportunity for learners to ask questions and learn how to apply key concepts and configurations.

Why you should attend:

This training dives into the common configuration of the platform to give you greater understanding and better practices to make your day run optimally.

Who should attend:

  • System administrators who have a foundational understanding of the Autotask PSA product.
  • System administrators who are already familiar with the basic overall workflow but are looking to increase their automation processes by leveraging technical configurations.
  • System administrators who are already following a workflow but are looking to network and brainstorm to improve their current processes. After completing this session, you will be able to:
  • Understand the key functions of the CRM module to effectively manage customer relationships and architect sales operations.
  • Identify the primary billing arrangements to ensure accurate and efficient billing.
  • Recognize the efficiencies gained by leveraging ticket categories, form templates, and checklists to help drive service desk processes.
  • Understand the structure of Autotask PSA projects to optimize project management.
  • Recognize the reporting options available in Autotask PSA to successfully analyze metrics for data-driven decision-making. What to expect:
  • Session will run from 9 AM – 4 PM with a one-hour lunch
  • Lunch will be provided onsite.
  • Sessions will be led by product experts.
  • Sessions will be delivered in live demonstrations with breaks for workshops.
  • Remember to bring your laptop