VSA 10 Training


During this expert-led workshop, VSA administrators will gain a foundational understanding of VSA 10 with a focus on the key differences in the functionality and administrator experience when using version 9.5 versus version 10. Learners will gain a thorough understanding of the upgrade process, automation translation functionality, and will plan their upgrade preparation. Roadmap insights will be shared and there will be ample Q&A.

Note that this is not a certification program, but a training session tailor-made for experienced VSA administrators looking to learn about and prepare for their upgrade. This class may not be appropriate for learners new to VSA 10 who do not have experience with prior versions due to the heavy focus on the upgrade. There will be no exam.

  Agenda includes:  

  • Overview of VSA 10
  • Upgrade wizard and automation translation
  • Deep dives on Policies, Automation, Network Monitoring, and MDM
  • VSA 10 roadmap
  • Planning for the upgrade

Why you should attend:  

  • Prepare for a seamless VSA 10 upgrade.
  • Learn how to take advantage of new functionality in VSA 10 not available in prior versions.

Who should attend:

  • Learners who have a comprehensive understanding of RMM functionality and concepts.
  • VSA administrators who plan to upgrade to VSA 10 in the coming months.

  What to expect:

  • Session will run during the pre-day of the conference.
  • Lunch will be provided onsite.
  • Sessions will be led by product experts.
  • Sessions will be delivered in live demonstrations with breaks for workshops.
  • Remember to bring your laptop.