Datto SaaS Defense & SaaS Protection


This course is designed for participants who have an interest in better understanding the realities of cybersecurity. By taking this course, attendees will understand the trends and threats associated with cybersecurity. Students will gain a broad awareness of key security topics including how to identify risks, how to protect environments, detect malicious attacks, successfully respond to intrusions and how to recover environments. Remember to bring your laptop as you will be working alongside the instructor to apply what you are learning. As an interactive offering, students will be encouraged to ask and answer questions.

After attending this training session you will be able to:

  • Understand today’s cybersecurity landscape and fundamental best practices to securing SaaS applications.
  • Identify key attributes of the MSP cybersecurity ecosystem and how to proactively defend against malware, phishing, and BEC attacks.
  • Describe how SaaS Defense works as an advanced threat detection solution.
  • Explain how SaaS Protection works to perform reliable backups.
  • Best practices associated with how to leverage automation,continuous backups, and real-time threat management.