Daniel Garcia




Daniel Garcia currently sits on the board of Virtual IT Group and is the Chief Customer Officer at Pia. He brings a wealth of knowledge and mastery in both IT and Management to the organisation. From large government organisations to small business enterprises, Daniel is an IT professional with significant experience in the IT industry.

Daniel started as a cadet with AVC, a Managed Services Provider where he progressed to director and shareholder of the organization within six years. Following this, Daniel successfully completed his MBA whilst employed as the Strategy, Architecture and PMO Manager at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO). Daniel focused on Enterprise IT and ITSM and learned through this role how to navigate bureaucratic organisations professionally. His ability to achieve significant goals and undertake complex strategies was largely due to his perseverance and attitude in situations that required innovation and often reserve alongside an understanding of complex IT problems.

In 2017, Daniel pursued a new opportunity with Virtual IT Group (VITG), where he now sits on the board, initially as General Manager, CIO and then CEO. Daniel moved into a full-time role with Pia as their Chief Customer Officer just this year. Daniel’s work at VITG has led the Technology company through massive growth and many success stories. In just under six years the company has grown exponentially. VITG’s industry success has also been recognised with the organisation ranked as the one of the best MSPs in Australasia and just outside the top 100 in the world.

Daniel continues to innovate and share his leadership within the IT Industry, as an industry expert providing an extensive suite of IT and management experience to support different advisory boards. Daniel has been a board member for the Australian Government ICT Strategy & Athena SWAN Program (Women in STEM).