Manish Khadka

Customer Success Manager



Manish is a Customer Success Manager at Kaseya who comes from an MSP background. He started as a Level 1 IT support specialist at a Sydney-based MSP and later ascended to the role of Service Delivery Manager. This journey provided him with invaluable insights into the realm of Managed Services.

Drawing from his prior experience in service delivery, he grasped the significance of delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed partner expectations. He firmly believes in aligning his goals with those of the partners, consistently providing exceptional service, and achieving shared success.

In his current role, Manish is dedicated to harnessing the capabilities of Autotask to streamline operations and enhance the partners’ experience. He eagerly anticipates the opportunities and challenges on the horizon and remains resolutely committed to ensuring Kaseya’s partners thrive in this ever-evolving industry.