Tackling Compliance Management Before it Tackles You



IT security and privacy regulations are taking the EU & UK by storm! GDPR enforcement is getting tighter while newer regulations – like Cyber Essentials, NIS2, DORA, the Digital Services Act and other geography-specific standards are kicking in.

Yet most IT organizations lack the expertise to stay on top of all these requirements, and lack the resources to prove they are doing the right things in the event of a breach, audit or lawsuit.

The solution to meeting all current standards – and “future-proofing” yourself against new ones still on the drawing board – is to implement one of the globally-recognized cybersecurity frameworks that will reduce your risks to a level that would stand up to an audit from virtually any regulatory body, industry association, or cyber insurance policy.

Join this session to learn about the current EU & UK compliance landscape, and a coherent strategy to successfully navigate it with your existing resources.