Kaseya Certified Administrator in Kaseya 365 Integrations (continued)



“This course introduces system admins and technicians to integration workflows for successfully managing, securing, backing up, and automating endpoints.

In this course, you will learn about critical integrations, which are foundational to IT and security management. You will also learn how to utilize essential automations within the Kaseya 365 subscription such as True-Sync, One-Deploy, and SmartLook, to streamline workflows, eliminate manual errors, and simplify complex tasks.

Why you should attend: This training will help you utilize the modules within the Kaseya 365 subscription to enhance business workflows and processes.

Who should attend: Learners who have intermediate knowledge of remote monitoring using Datto RMM, security applications, and endpoint backup. Learners who are looking to network and brainstorm to improve their current processes.

What to expect: Sessions will run over days 2 and 3 of the conference, allowing time to attend keynote sessions.

  • Lunch will be provided onsite.
  • Sessions will be led by product experts.
  • Sessions will be delivered in live demonstrations with breaks. Remember to bring your laptop.”