Mark Visser

Founder and Strategy Director



Marc is the Founder and Strategy Director for hallo, the trusted IT service partner for SMEs with a one-stop-shop offering of mission-critical managed IT services. hallo,’s mission is to make IT services accessible for customers and their end-users in the best possible way, for maximum impact on productivity. In the fragmented landscape of IT service providers, the company aims to become the go-to brand for everyday IT service needs. With a digital customer journey including self-service tooling to simplify the complex IT service buying experience that SMEs typically experience. And with an enthusiastic and professional team of 350 IT service professionals (affectionately referred to as ‘digital energizers’) ready to help.

hallo, currently has offices in The Netherlands, Spain and the Caribbean. Recently KLAR Partners invested in hallo, with a view to extend the brand and the company’s buy and build internationally.