James Healey

Chief Operating Officer



James Healey is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Air IT, one of the UK’s top and fastest growing Managed Service providers (MSPs).

As a founding member of Air IT, James has been instrumental in the company’s continued growth and success. His leadership has been crucial in driving Air IT’s expansion both organically and through a private equity-backed buy-and-build strategy, leading to consistent year-on-year growth and solidifying its market position.

Having led 14 post-merger integrations throughout his career, including 13 over the last 4 years, James has played a pivotal role in integrating operational systems, processes, and data, including implementing advanced reporting through analytics and business intelligence.

In his role as COO, James is responsible for enabling Air IT to meet its strategic goals and promoting continuous advancement through innovation, efficiency, and service enhancements. He ensures that all business operations align with and support the company’s strategic objectives.

James’ commitment to innovation and operational excellence makes him an invaluable asset to Air IT and a respected voice in the industry, particularly in the realm of post-acquisition integration.