John Whitty

M&A Consult



John Whitty has extensive experience in the managed services and telecommunications sector. Currently providing the origination of new organisations to join Air IT, John leverages his deep expertise to identify and secure suitable businesses for acquisition, driving strategic growth and expansion.

As Former CEO at Air IT, John successfully developed and implemented a long-term corporate strategy, propelling the company forward as one of the UK’s top and most progressive managed service providers (MSPs). Under John’s leadership, Air IT embarked on it’s PE journey, acquired 8 businesses across the UK including Netstar, Microtrading, Nexus GS, Riverbank IT Management, Infotech Solutions (UK), Concise Technologies, INFINITY IT Solutions and MFG UK.

Alongside his role at Air IT, John continues to play an active role in the managed service industry. He currently holds the position of Chairman at both Gradwell Communications and Comms365. Over his career, John has been at the forefront of building and scaling some of the UK’s fastest-growing MSPs, including GCI, Solar Communications, and Pipex, where his strategic vision and M&A acumen played a crucial role.

John’s extensive leadership and M&A experience of being involved in over 60 acquisitions, make him an invaluable asset in driving corporate growth and innovation in the ever-evolving B2B technology sector.