Doug Diamond
Doug Diamond


Business Improvement LLC


11:05 AM

September 13

Business Planning Lessons Learned in the MSP Jungle



Doug Diamond works with executive teams of small to medium sized businesses (5 to 200 employees) to help them grow and improve on a sustained basis.

Doug owned/ran a technology company that became a “gazelle” (a company that grows by more than 20% or more for four consecutive years).

Doug draws from his own small business ownership experience and techniques from business thought-leaders to help companies take the most effective path to steady growth and improvement. He has been coaching since 2001.

Doug helps companies to identify and live their purpose while finding ways to run the business profitably. He aims to help each of his clients to develop great relationships with their clients, employees, and shareholder/owners at the same time.

Doug is an accomplished speaker and meeting facilitator who understands the complexity of running a business. He helps the management team through well-designed, longterm, annual and quarterly planning processes designed to set meaningful, attainable targets that get the team aligned and excited. He also helps the team to monitor performance to make sure that the targets get hit consistently