Miguel Lopez

SVP, General Manager



I have been in technology for over 25 years where my background is infrastructure management.

Started and MSP and ran that for ~12 years and sold it to the largest MSP in the country, at the time.

While I was with them, I did several things including:

  • Running a market
  • Managing the systems and expanding the systems and services nationally
  • Working on new services to include marketing, pricing, delivery, training or remote and on-premise technicians
  • Worked with Due diligence of acquisitions as well as migration of employees and services into ours

Kaseya employee for over 12 years and have done almost everything including:

  • MSP speaking
  • Hosting events and webinars
  • Managing Account Management teams
  • Working with all sizes and types of customers providing guidance and helping them be successful
Kaseya DattoCon is Sold Out