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Paul Macneill

Founder, Wise-Sync

Paul MacNeill is the founder and technical visionary behind Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay, Cloud Accounting and Payment Integration for ConnectWise Manage. Paul is a world-renowned ConnectWise billing expert often called upon to work with larger, complex accounting structures.

Having built Virage IT, an MSP501 ranked MSP (#6 Small Business in 2015, #12 AANZ Region in 2016). MacNeill successfully exited the business as part of the acquisition by PowerNet Group in 2016. MacNeill has a key understanding of the fundamentals that help drive profitability and financial success.

MacNeill has also provided strategic consultancy, including developing and deploying key business systems globally for CPA Australia. MacNeill is passionate about helping Managed Service Providers achieve greater financial visibility and profitability for their business.

Hosting this year’s MSPminds industry event, hear MacNeill share practical, cutting-edge insights into how to expand the value of your MSP and how to increase your valuation for exit.