Wayne Wilson
Wayne Wilson




1:50 PM

September 12

Business Strategy: What Keeps You Up at Night?


With over 20 years of experience in IT, Wayne Wilson began building Wanbound in 2002. Starting out in the attic and pushing to realize his dreams, he has managed to turn a couple of ideas on paper into a successful MSP company in the Netherlands with over 20 staff and a growth rate of 25% annually for three years running. Wanbound has also had two successful mergers in the last 5 years.

Wayne is a respected leader in the future of IT and has formed the DutchMSP Peer Group in the Netherlands along with 3 other leading companies. This peer group focuses on new strategies in IT, new technologies, best practices in business and tech, and most importantly sharing ideas.

Apart from IT, Wayne is a paragliding instructor in the Netherlands.