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Zen Contract

Let’s be honest with each other – your MSP sends out contracts, proposals
and quotes. To do it though, most of you will be searching word and excel,
trying to find your content.

As a business owner, juggling your pricing, branding and compliance is hard
enough – why make it harder by having your content spread all over emails,
Dropbox or Sharepoint. Then topping it off with no view on pricing accuracy or
legal compliance.

Zen Dog uses Zen Contract – it is integrated and built around Autotask. With
Zen Contract there is single source of pricing, single management of
opportunity and total control of profitability and costs.
Over and above this individual content is locked down and can only be edited
by those authorized – for example the lawyer updates the legal terms.

Zen Dog even added in branding control, because he really cares about you.

So, if you need some Zen and the peace of mind that the most important part
of your business, how your customer views it, is taken care of. Well, then you
should let Zen Dog know and he’ll set you up a demo account and help you all
along the way to your contract success.

You can contact Zen Dog by emailing or visiting